MediPAL – the original Medical ID Card

Do you have a medical condition? Are you on medication?

MediPAL®is the original Medical Alert ID card that makes sure that if you have a medical emergency your personal medical status is immediately available wherever and whatever situation you find yourself in.

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Carry a MediPAL®Alert Card – it could save your life!


Only £7.99 for LIFELONG membership – NO ANNUAL FEE.

MediPAL® – now that’s peace of mind.

MediPAL® Identification Card

MediPAL® is a smart Medical Alert Card, in hospital blue with a green cross and made of hard wearing plastic.

Only £7.99 which gives you LIFELONG membership to MediPAL.  

Updates to your card cost £5.99 including FREE P&P in the UK.

MediPAL®  Medical ID Card is designed for anyone who takes medication and has a medical history such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Epilepsy, Disability, Allergies, Stroke Victim, in fact anyone with a health concern. Could this be you?

A hard wearing waterproof plastic card displaying your emergency contact and medical details that fits neatly into your purse or wallet.   MediPAL® displays your chosen emergency contact making sure they are available if you are taken ill or have an accident.

Use MediPAL®whenever you visit a hospital or clinic, pharmacy, dentist, travelling or just as a memory aid on a day to day basis.

To order your personal MediPAL®  Medical ID Card simply click on the link below:

Only £7.99 which gives you LIFELONG membership to MediPAL.  Updates to your card cost £5.99 including FREE P&P in the UK.

You can update your card at any time by contacting us or using the update form you will receive with your initial MediPAL card.

How will people know I carry a card?

We have a range of MediPAL® accessories that all say you carry a MediPAL® Card.  Silicone wristbands, key fobs, Window/car sticker, Fridge Magnet, Plastic Wallet and clip.

MediPAL® – now that’s peace of mind.

Read our customer’s s testimonials, and hear how carrying a MediPAL®Medical ID Card has helped them.


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  • MediPAL - Makes your medical details available in an emergency
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    Only £7.99 for LIFELONG membership.

    Updates to card £5.99

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