About MediPAL

How did MediPAL start?

It all came about in 2004 after the founder of the company suffered a stroke followed by a Triple Heart Bypass. He used to carry all his medical details around on an increasingly tatty piece of paper until he had a great idea. Why not have a small, credit-card-sized medical ID card which carried the important details of his medical history as well as a list of all the medication he had to take? So in 2004 MediPALwas born.

How can MediPAL help?

In case of emergency

The emergency services can accurately determine your medical history, as well as the medication you’re taking, so they can give you the best help they can. The card also provides your name, Date of birth, as well as a next of kin contact telephone number.

Remembering your medication

Its not easy to remember the name and dosages of yours or a loved ones medication, so the  information printed on the card can be useful when:

  • you’re cross-checking the medicine you’ve been given by your pharmacist
  • you’re discussing your condition and medication with medical staff

MediPAL® for Charities

We offer a MediPAL® card as part of their membership and donate to the charity.

MediPAL® for Sports

This is a perfect solution for carrying ID when participating in sporting activities and outdoor pursuits.

MediPAL® for Travel

Relax on holiday knowing you have your important medical details to hand.

MediPAL® for Corporate

Looking after your employees’ well-being 24hrs a day has now been made easy.

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