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Margaret, Jan 2021

I have found it very useful.  On admission to hospital with an AF attack I was able to hand over the (MediPAL) card for them to note all the information they needed rather than trying to talk through the oxygen mask.

Also when my doctor retired and I was transferred to a new practice I just gave him the (MediPAL) card so he could get all my details on his system.

Wouldn’t be without it.

Simon Rogers

Simon sent an email to us today saying “I would like to thank you and your colleagues for such a great service regarding my recent order. The card arrived yesterday along with the fridge magnet and key fob card. A terrific service and I think a well done all round is required. Thank you.”
Simon – Banffshire

Jeremy J. Winter

Jeremy recently updated his MediPAL card and dropped a line to tell us he had just returned from 5 days in hospital. His card was a great help and admired by the nuses and doctors.
Jeremy J.Winter – Chichester – West Sussex

Jackie Elliott

Jackie called to update one of her members medipal card details. Jackie runs a support group in Bristol called GOSH – (Gastro-Oesophageal Support and Help) which started in November 2004, is a support group for patients and their loved ones affected by stomach and oesophageal cancer in the Bristol area. All her members carry a MediPAL card and find them invaluable!!
Jackie Elliott – Bristol

Leanne Camplin

This card came in very useful for me on Jubilee Weekend when I was taken poorly and the ambulance service had to be called and I was taken to hospital. The paramedics said they hadn’t seen one before and said how good it was so well done and thank you very much. Thanks Leanne
Leanne Camplin – Shipley – W. Yorkshire

Barbara Ann Ford

I have to tell you my card has been the most useful item I have everhad! Away from home, at hospital or just out socially! I have recommended it so many times. Thanks You.
Barbara Ann Ford – Bromley – Kent

Mr A Fearria

I was involved in a road accident and not able to communicate. Paramedics found my MediPAL card and used it to pass on to the staff at the hospital until they found my records. He travels abroad and of course he carries his card with him !
Mr A E Fearria – Chatham

Joanne Mills

Joanne wrote to MediPAL ‘ I haven’t had to use my card in an emergency, but it has come in handy many time at Hospitals, Dentists and Doctors knowing what medication I take & the dosages etc. I could never remember it all in my head. Thank you for an excellent service.
Joanne Mills – Norwich

James Vickers

James called to update his card over the telephone and during our conversation he remarked how his MediPAL card had been used on three occasions so far this year. Twice when he was admitted to hospital and once on a visit to the Dentist ! They all loved MediPAL !
James Vickers – Crew

Mrs Francis Walsh

Mr and Mrs Walsh have had their cards for 3yrs. Mrs Walsh, called us to say they had received their updated card and how delighted they were. During the last 12th months she has been admitted to hospital on several occasions and each time her MediPAL card has been gratefully received by the staff attending her. They both now have their NHS No on the card which helps even more
Alan and Francis Mary Walsh – Baildon – W. Yorkshire

Ernest Cathercole

I certainly wouldn’t go out without my MediPAL card clipped to my belt. On several occasions in which I have had to call the First Responder Paramedics and other Ambulance crews, I have found it does help them with their essential form filling, especially when I am unwell. So in a small way, I try to tell as many people as possible about you. Thank you once again.
Ernest E. Cathercole- Hunstanton

Hamid Krich

Thank you for my MediPAL card that arrived today. After suffering a brain injury in 2007 I cannot tell you how this card will help me and my family. Thank you again.
Mr Hamid Krich – Bury st Edmunds

David Powell

David called us to update his Medipal card. He said how he has lost count of the number of times it has helped him during his many visits to hospital. The doctors and nurses always comment on how helpful it is and how they wished everyone carried one!
David Powell – Rochdale –

Barbara Gibson

I have had my MediPAL card since 2005 and would like to say its used each time I attend my hospital clinic, so easy to show them the card then try to remember all my medication. .My husband and I both have cards and will be taking them on our cruise next month. Thank you again.
Barbara and Henry Gibson. Rossendale

Clodagh Murphy

Just thought I would let you know I had to go to hospital by ambulance out of hours to A and E recently .The ambulance staff were delighted to be able to get all my details so succinctly .
Happy Christmas
Clodagh Murphy – Leeds

Arthubrine Jackson

Thank you so much for a great service, I had a kidney transplant in 2008 and have lost count of the times my card has helped me each time I have been asked by the hospital staff for my health details. So easy to produce my card. My husband also has one in his wallet.
Miss Arthubrine Jackson -Neasden – London

Dom Forlizzi

I have some good news though. I had my MediPal card on me when I went in for the operation – and when ‘it’ developed ‘complications’ (my smile isn’t quite the same – they had to sever a nerve to ‘save’ the blood-flow to my brain). Fortunately, they had my ‘personal possessions’ to hand – and there was my MediPal card – effectively saying i had no allergies and don’t take medication- so they pumped more anesthetic into my (already battered) system, with gay abandon.
They (the surgical team), were impressed, saying that it (the card) saved them a least an hour of further ‘ testing’, to which I would have been oblivious, because all they needed to do was to make one phone call to my doctor (details on the card) to confirm that I was, under normal circumstances, as fit as a butchers cat. Ms Ahmed (my surgeon) wants to know why everyone doesn’t carry a MediPal (as does the anesthetist team) card!
Since _my_ operation I have met, literally hundreds of people who want one (including medical staff).
Dom Forizzi – Barrow

Tony Haslam

I have not had to use my card in an emerrgency situation as such, but it has helped me in other ways. Such as when we have been away anywhere on holiday. Some places accept it as proof of meds that i am taking for my epilepsy. I have been carrying my card since 2006, it is always in my wallet. Thank you MediPAL.
Tony Haslam – Bolton

Jacqueline Smith

Thank you very much for sending me an updated card, I was much suprised and appreciative of your very prompt resonse in such a short space of time. I find the card very important in respect of the unforeseen. I am able to leave my home without someone with me at all times or unaided due to disablement. So my MediPAL card is a good friend and can take the pressure off my family members. Very Sincere Thanks
Mrs Jacqueline Smith – Gloucester

Gareth Broad

Thank you for my MediPAL card. Last month I was admitted to Hospital after suffering a Grand Mall. I could not talk so the staff used my card to check my medication. Thank you so much for this great service.
Gareth Broad -Worthing – W. Sussex

Mrs Barbara Churchill

I am thrilled with the whole concept of MediPAL and gave your details to my Renal Clinic. They thought it was such a great idea and have added your details to their notice board.
Barbara Churchill – Abbey Wood – London

Clodagh M Murphy

Thank you for my card, it is such a good idea. I go away alot, so it will really will come in very useful if I am ever taken ill.
Mrs Clodagh Murphy – Leeds

Christopher P.Smith

Christopher used his MediPAL card during a recent stay at Guys Hospital, London, following an operation. When asked to confirm his medication, a medic questioned the dosage he was prescibed by his GP, until Christopher showed him his card which confirmed what he was telling the medic was correct. The medic thought his MediPAL Card was ‘marvellous’ and Christopher received the correct medication!!
Christopher P.Smith – Ashford – Kent

Andrew Srutt

Andrew called MediPAL to tell us what a wonderful service we offer and how his MediPAL card will be helping him each time he attends the Queens Hospital – Romford.
Andrew Strutt – Upminster

Yvonne Cook

I just wanted to let you know that the MediPAL card is a really useful thing to carry around with you. I have epilepsy and I take medication for other illnesses. Recently I was in hospital and it came in very handy, because I was in a lot of pain and I couldn’t breathe so I just gave them my card and they didn’t have to ask me anything because all the info they wanted was on the card! I would advise anyone who is on medication to get one of these cards, they do help a lot. It has helped me thank you for providing a card that I wouldn’t go anywhere without, in case I have a seizure or I have a accident. Thank you and keep up the good work. Yvonne Cook – Manchester

Rita Cosgrove

I have lost count of the number of time I have been asked which medication my father is on, this is a wonderful idea, why has it taken so long to catch on. If I had had a medipal card some years ago I would not have been given the incorrect antibiotics and spent a weekend in hospital myself.
Rita Cosgrove – Barrow in Furness

Jill Staples

Thank you for my MediPAL card, I always take it with me when I go out for a walk or when I am going anywhere without my husband.
Jill Staples – Storrington

Eric Chambers

Eric who is registered disabled and is a member of the British Lung Foundation, contacted them to see if they provide an alert card he could use, because he was being constantly asked by British Rail while traveling to work ‘ Are you disabled?’ when using the disability amenities on and off the train. BLF advised him to contact MediPAL. Eric now has a MediPAL card that fits into his wallet and shows exactly what his condition is. He now feels safe and secure in the knowledge that if asked for proof of his condition again, he can simple show them his MediPAL card.
Eric Chambers – Grange over Sands – Cumbria

Doreen Tarrant

Thank you for my new Medipal Card. I needed to visit Hillingdon Hospital After I sufferd a bad eye bleed. Anti Coagulation sent me to A & E. The Doctor there was most impressed with my Medipal Card. He thought it was a very good idea.
Doreen Tarrant – West Drayton

Anne Murphy

Back in November I went out to meet my daughter for lunch, we arrived at the restaurant and before I even sat down I began to feel very ill with chest pain. Within minutes I deteriorated to the point of needing an ambulance and it was thought I was possibly having a heart attack. I was too ill at the hospital to remember my medication but was able to tell my daughter where my Medipal card was…in my purse. The medical staff were very impressed with the card and the information on it gave a clue to my illness, as I did not fit classic heart attack symptoms. My card showed that I had had previous pancreatic surgery and after tests it was confirmed that I was suffering from pancreatitis. My medication list was invaluable as I take a lot of drugs and the information was all to hand. Thank you so much for your wonderful service, I have encouraged my parents to get cards too as well as a couple of friends.
Anne Murphy- Aylesbury

Diane.F Taylor

I cannot say enough about my MediPAL card I recently underwent tests at hospital and each time I was transferred to a different dept, I was asked the same questions about my medication and history. . How much easier it was just to hand over my card. It makes such a difference. Thank you again. Diana Taylor-Chichester- W Sussex

Harold S. Couts

Dear Medipal – I have now received my Medipal card. It is really amazing the feeling of confidence and peace of mind this simple device gives me. I only recently had a severe heart attack and had a defibrillator fitted. Over the years three member of my family have sadly died outwith their homes and there was always some difficulty in contacting appropriate people so I have been very conscious of the need for identification and medical information to be readily available. The MediPal card fills all these needs in a simple manner. Very many thanks for a simple inexpensive solution.
Harold S. Couts -Glasgow

Peter Murphy

Dear MediPAL – Many thanks for your prompt attention to my problem.I must say that I feel more secure with my Medipal Card in my wallet. My wife also has one,and has recently been in hospital with pancreatitus.She takes a large number of drugs for her many complaints,and the hospital were most impressed when they asked for her drug list and we produced her Medipal card. Several doctors said what a good idea it is.I can only assume that they hadn’t seen one before. In an emergency it is invaluable and at such a reasonable cost. Once again, many thanks for your help.
Peter Murphy – Milton Keynes

George Pearce

My MediPAL card has now been tested ‘for real’. Just before Christmas I had another stroke and could not make any sound. I produced the card to the paramedics who attended me, then the admitting clerks and nurses and the doctors – they all said how excellent it was and useful in giving the main medical history and list of medications. So they could use this information before finding my hospital records. Thank you once again. George Pearce. Birmingham

Reginald Coleman

Dear MediPAL – I have carried a MediPAL Card now for over 2 years and being 85 years old have found it to be especially useful when asked by Hospital Consultants, Doctors, Dentist and GP Medical Staff what medication I am taking. Having updated the card several times, I simply show them my card. Thank you for an excellent falicity Wishing you and all at MediPAL A Happy Christmas, Reginald Coleman – St Ives

Anita Hodson

My MediPAL card arrived just at the right time because I had a Hospital Appointment & having all the relevant information in one place really helped especially the medications – as they are either difficult to spell or remember! I don’t know why I waited so long to get a Medical Alert Card because they are so useful & I will always make sure that I have one with we now!
Anita Hodson -Birmingham

Dr.Clive Petry

After seeing my mum’s Medipal card that I ordered for her, it spurred me on to order one for myself !
Dr.Clive Petry.Cambridge

Donna Haddleton

Dear Wendy – As I was worried about having the correct details in case of emergency, your card is the most important item in my handbag!! Grateful for your help.
Donna Haddleton

Rae Michaelis

I am writing to say how helpful MediPAL’s card is to me and my husband and also how all the medical proffession we’ve met are very appreciative, and we’ve met a lot of them over the last 12months! Everyone has commented how helpful it is. The information is clear and available immediately.I also find the Key Fob very useful and carry it around my neck. It is a good PAL for us!
Thank You – Rae

Barrie Harvey

Dear Wendy -Last year I had to go to the local hospital in Cherbourg, France with heart problems. The ‘relief’ among the medical staff on my producing my card was palpable and treatment thereafter was swift and effective. One doctor told me that the card was a superb idea and he wished such a scheme existed in France. Barry Harvey

Stanley Hartland

I have been a medipal card holder for a number of years, and I find this card invaluable,when I go for hospital appointments all the information that is on the card seems to impress the doctors and most seem intrested in the scheme I have had comments that they think everyone should carry one. Congratulations on a good scheme. S Hartland

Harry Roy

Harry who lives in Tucson Arizona purchased his MediPAL card in February 2010 and emailed us to tell us how pleased he was with the quality of the card and the prompt service. He intends to show his friends as well as his cardiologist and primary care physician in America.

Bill Anderson-Ward

During my recent stay in hospital, I was able to give my Medipal card to doctors and pharmacists when asked what drugs that I currently use. I just handed over my Medipal card, and the response was great. As most had never seen this.
They were  in no doubt that if the majority of patients who arrived in A&E or going into hospitals for treatments had such information as the card provided it would make that first contact with the medical staff much easier to know how to treat you and administer the correct dosages as well.

Terrance W. Todd

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the service. The Ambulance crew and doctors loved it during my stay in hospital. I have passed it on to friends and family. It’s a marvellous idea!

Peter Cassidy

A few days before Christmas 2009 while at home I suffered a heart attack. When the ambulance was called my wife was able to hand over my Medipal card to the paramedics. They were really impressed and said they wished everyone carried a card like it. In hospital the doctors and nurses also used it to take notes about my past medical history and prescriptions, as I also suffer from Paget’s Desease. I was in hospital over Chrsitmas and made a full recovery. It’s always in my wallet and my wife also has one.

Pamela Hall

Both my husband and I have had MediPAL Cards for about 9 months. I am Insulin Dependent Diabetic and my husband has a heart condition.

Earlier this year we were in Spain and had developed a really bad cough – I’d been treated with antibiotics in the U.K. but had to see a Doctor in Spain who spoke perfect English. He needed to prescribe another antibiotic and asked if I was allergic to any. I was able to show him my MediPAL Card which listed all my medication and the antibiotics I was allergic to.

He was extremely impressed with MediPAL which told him everything I was taking and allergic to. He said that it was a pity they do not have this in Spain.

On another occasion my husband had left some of his medication at home. In Spain you can by drugs over the counter at a Pharmacy. Again with the help of MediPAL he was able to buy the drugs he needed.

Marisol Beswick

This summer I was in Italy for my cousins wedding, we stayed in the Umbrian mountains, and I got severely bitten by insects, next morning I was very swollen and sore, so my aunt took me to the Pronto Soccorso.

Although I can speak Italian, I handed them my MediPAL card and they could look up all my conditions easily and know what medications I was taking. I had to stay overnight for observation, while they put me on a drip.

I felt quite secure they understood what was on the MediPAL card and would not travel without it. I am going to Croatia soon. It is always wise to know where the nearest hospital or clinic is and take a MediPAL card with you!

Bob Jones, Denbigh

I have to report an immediate use for my MediPAL card!

Within a few hours of arriving in Turkey I collapsed with a hypo and experienced a diabetic coma for approx 25 mins and then spent the next 2 days of my holiday in Letoon Hospital, Fethyie, Turkey. My wife and daughter who were both with me called the Hotel Doctor to attend to me at the side of the pool where I had collapsed. They were aware of my MediPAL card and got it out of my wallet to present to the Doctor, who called an ambulance and accompanied me to hospital where he used my MediPAL card to inform staff at the hospital. They were able to diagnose what was wrong with me much quicker I believe because of the information presented to the hospital. They were able to ascertain very early on that the problem was associated with my diabetes and not a heart problem and so were able to reassure my family at a very early stage that despite appearances my condition was not life threatening. Needless to say my MediPAL Card was very useful in that the medics were aware of my medication and medical history straight away.

Derek Taylor, BA Heathrow

I think MediPAL is a great idea, I intent to spread the gospel.

Arthur Wagstaff

I greatly appreciate my MediPAL card and feel all diabetics and people on Warfarin should carry one.

Brenda Farr

Just to let you know that the first of our MediPAL cards and information have arrived and we are all very impressed with them.

Arthur F, Suffolk

There have been a number of occasions when the card has used in the past two or so years.

The most important was, in Aug 2007 when I was involved in a serious road accident. At the scene I was able to give the ambulance crew involved, before being cut from my car, details of my medication from the card. I guess that helped them to decide how to treat me on the spot. Similarly, at the hospital, the A & E staff welcomed the card as an aid.

Before I would carry the data on a piece of paper in my wallet which became more and more tatty as time went by.

Rae Michaelis

I am writing to say how helpful MediPAL card has been to me and my husband. Also how all the medical profession we’ve met are very appreciative and we have seen lots over the last months!

Everyone has commented how helpful it is. It is a good PAL for us! We consider it better then other products because the information is available immediately.

Dr John P Fox, London

Many thanks indeed, especially since your card is EXACTLY what I had been looking around for.

Stephen Weatherston

I am a retired ambulance man and take numerous medications also I am allergic to Penicillin. I think MEDIPAL is a great idea, to carry as much information with you, about illnesses allergies implants, operations etc really can help the emergency services, Doctors etc, for the better.

Jude Oliver

Fantastic! Thank you very much for the impeccable service that you have provided.

Jonathan Coombe

MediPAL card is incredibly handy. The card is not just useful for times when one is unable to provide details due to unconsciousness or trauma. In the last few years, I have had 4 unscheduled stays in hospital where I was conscious and cogent throughout. Each time I was dismayed to find that whenever I was transferred between wards or departments, I had to restate all my details (which are lengthy and numerous), rather than have them taken just once and then disseminated to all concerned.

I have no idea why hospitals do things this way, but when one is already at low ebb (otherwise one wouldn’t be there!) and talking is an effort, it makes the experience even more distressing. The last occasion at Hereford General was different though, as I was now armed with my MediPAL card, so whenever my details were requested, I merely had to hand it over. The nurses in A&E were very impressed and commented on what a good idea it was. For anyone with a chronic condition who has a more than average chance of needing emergency medical attention, I would heartily recommend carrying a MediPAL card.


I take so much medication I can’t always remember the names and doses but with MediPAL one quick glance and its all there in front of me. Also ideal if traveling abroad and you are stopped at customs, just show them your card to match your tablets.

Richard G

When on Holiday with friends having to keep a list in my wallet did not seem appropriate in an emergency I needed something that would stand out when my wallet was opened.

Carol Court

My name is Carol I have had diabetes for about 10 yrs. At first I was on diet alone and when this went out of control I was put on tablets. I have had some quiet bad hypos, but luckily never passed out.

When the tablets stopped working I was put on insulin which I have been on for over 2 yrs and again have had some bad hypos. I have always carried an ID card around with me and that’s why I went to MediPAL, it just gives me a bit of security that if anything happens they can contact someone and also give me the right treatment.

Tina Jackson

I collapsed at the wheel of my car, the paramedics worked for over half an hour to stabilize me, my husband was contacted and brought to the scene of the accident, and asked a thousand and one questions about my condition, he could tell them anything and I was unconscious.

Finally taken to A & E, with a collapsed lung, I was placed on ventilator. My family left in the relative’s room where over a period of two hours asked more questions. Transferred to intensive care, my family feared the worst. Over the following weeks I recovered, diagnosed as a re-active hypoglycemic, a condition I was unaware I had, and have to eat every two hours, stress and illness makes the condition worst.

So in order to live and work I had to solve the problem of ‘What happens the next time I collapse?’ I found MediPAL via the famous internet and I had a card made with specific instructions about my condition and what people should do if they find me unconscious.

I carry my MediPAL card at all times; it gives me the confidence that if the worst happens, firstly – I will receive the correct treatment fast, secondly – my family will not be subjected to interrogation.

Mrs M Edwards

Hi! My name is Megan Edwards and I have had a MediPAL card for the last 5 years. I first had an occasion to use it when I was on holiday in the Caribbean, I got a chest infection went to the chemist, showed the card and received the appropriate medicine. Again I was on holiday in London and had not taken enough of my tablets; once again I went to the chemist and got the prescription without any problem. When I visit the Hospital they always ask for a list of medication so instead of taking a bag full of tablets like most people do, I just flash my card and the Dr is most impressed.

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